First ORC-NZ article is published in Scientific Reports!

The Osteopathy Research Connect New Zealand Project (ORC-NZ) is a national practice-based research network (PBRN) focused exclusively upon osteopathy in New Zealand. 

ORC-NZ was devised to help cultivate the evidence-base and research competence in osteopathy for the future. As a comprehensive project, ORC-NZ was developed essentially to assist both practitioners and researchers in connecting, with an expectation of supporting and progressing research activity, for the betterment of both patient outcomes and practice efficacy.

ORC-NZ employs a PBRN (practice based research network) model to facilitate the assurance that both research questions, and the knowledge learned from empirical investigators, are also relevant to practitioners, their patients, and daily standard care.

During 2018, the ORC-NZ Project team, headed by Distinguished Professor Jon Adams and Dr Amie Steel, will institute a Project Steering Committee, gain human research ethics approval, promote the Project, and design the initial ORC-NS fieldwork in New Zealand.

Additionally, ORC-NZ is resolute on osteopathy research capacity building: Masters and PhD students, and/or supervisors of same students, are well received and strongly encouraged to contact the ORC-NZ Project Chief Investigators (Distinguished Professor Jon Adams or Dr Amie Steel).

An Expression of Interest (EOI) procedure has been constructed to help manage ORC-NZ PBRN sub-study proposals. Once the PBRN is established, current clinicians, researchers, potential funders and others are urged to tender an EOI submission, with both national and international investigators welcomed. EOI submissions will be subject to scientific review by the ORC-NZ Project Steering Committee to guarantee quality, rigour, fit and other necessary criteria.

The EOI form can be found here.

All possible Sub-study EOI lead investigators are required to first discuss their proposal and study-idea with either Distinguished Professor Jon Adams ( or Dr Amie Steel (

You can also visit the UTS: ARCCIM website to read more about the wider program and other initiatives of this world-leading research Centre.